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Project Vladcard

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 1, 2016, 8:58 PM
Coming soon a new cosplay I'll be dishing out
A new cosplay emerges by D4RKPR1NCE-86

All will be revealed at Supanova Gold Coast next week

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What life has given and taken.

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 27, 2015, 12:42 PM
Hey, I apologise for not putting up anything in the pass few months. I've fallen into major depression with a lot of bad things that have come by now and then. I'm ok at the moment but it gonna take some time to recover. 
Reason why is because my closest friend and cosplay partner sadly passed away which has hurt me deep. Her name was Rebecca and she was got me into cosplay in the first place 5 years ago, she always work at many conventions called Supanova running her store with her friends. I know I should focus on moving on but it's differcult with me since she was the first friend that pass away that was part of my life. But I do feel happy that I fulfill her greatest moment that she always wanted to do a cosplay pairing of Alucard and Pip, she loved Pip and always compliment me when I cosplay him. 
See had so many Photos ideas and I did my best to give her what she wanted. 
Which took some courage since some request were Yaoi moments. 
We didn't do any hardcore stuff but did do a few pic that will always put a smile on her face and that's what made me happy. 
Everyone at the cons, friends, family and especially me we will always love you Rebecca and thank you for having a chance to know you my dear friend.

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I'm still alive

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 15, 2015, 1:05 AM
Hey to all my helling fans and watchers. I know it's been too bloody long since I made a journal or post any new art, figures or sketches.
I have been busy dealing with a lot of work and drama for the pass few months, hence the long absences. But in a week or two I'll get back into it.
At the moment I getting back into catching up with old friends and of course getting back into cosplaying, I've got two con within these three-four weeks which i'll do some hellsing pics and such. But importantly from my time of absence I hope everyonte is going fine and hopefully catch up in time. Feel free to say hello either here, my profile or note me, i'll be sure to catch up with everyone one of youse.
Good Hunting :D

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Happy Birthday to me :P

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 3, 2014, 11:29 PM
Hey friends, watchers and stalkers.

Another quick message from yours truly, first all I like to apoligise for not posting photos or sketches, I've been recovering from a work incident.
For those who don't know a lose steel crank smack me below the eye, damaging the side of my nose. Don't worry it's not broken just bruise and a little swollen.
The docter says it'll take a few weeks to heal but it left one hell of a black eye.
It surprise me more since it's my first black eye.

But I will put up more photos soon, just need to find good ones to post up and will be sketching something for my birthday, if any of youse like to give me ideas or sketch one of your characters.
Also I've made two pip bernadotte hats and will make the third one soon when I get the chance.

So until then I hope youse are all doing well and staying out of trouble :P

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Smashing and Commission

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 9:44 PM
Just another quick journal to let youse know I'm doing well and for one day I'll be going to another con as the sexy Alucard but this time wearing my OVA coat.
Image by D4RKPR1NCE-86
Hopefully they'll be other hellsing cosplayers thought I've already have a Pip and Walter going to the con, so far so good ^^

Also I'm considering doing commission making Pip bernadotte hats.
I've already made 2 so far but I need to put extra detail on the emblem but practice makes perfect.
Image by D4RKPR1NCE-86Image by D4RKPR1NCE-86
That's it for now, I'll be sure to post many photo's and should have plenty of time to start sketching again. Take care and stay sexy ^^

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Quick word out

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 29, 2014, 10:34 AM
Hey dA lovers:

Just a quick message to say thank you so much everyone for making me reach
10 000 pageviews!!! I very greatful so I posted a very epic pic that happen at my con to show my fans on dA.
Also for not reply to notes, comments and replies .
I had to deal with a Few errends/issues but it's all good now.
I'll try to respond ASAP until then I've gotta sleep.
so take care everyone *hug*

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Ups and downs

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 24, 2014, 12:27 PM
Hey dA watchers.

As the title says I'm not be on here as much due to the fact I was sent a Abusing/threat from a person who use to be my friend for over 15 years.
He was threating me to give him back a folder of pokemon cards ( I know it's very stupid and childish ) or he'll call the police.
Of course the police wouldn't do anything really because it's a folder of kids cards, the police have better stuff to do that and probably laugh how pathetic it is, so I had to discuss the issue with my family and we all agreed it would best to give the 26 year old immature child he's cards back.
The only reason I only still kept the cards was that he would be man enough to give me back the money owns me plus the $200-300
worth of dvd's and games of mine, but at least I was the one who was the adult to give back he stuff.
Despite I lost the battle, I definitely won the war because I know for fact because I have so much in my own life, good career, set out future for myself and most important of them all, a load of wonderful friends who respect and care for me. And I would never, EVER trade a friend for a folder of pokemon cards.

Now that I'm ok to get that off my chest, I've been alright lately and for who wanted to know I did have an awesome time at Nova.
My group on Sunday got so much attention since we did TEAM Hellsing, sadly we didn't find a Walter until after the con but we are on YT

When I get a chance next week I will be posting a lot of photo's from that con especially a Fan pic with the talented Yuri Lowenthal
and myself as Pip Bernadotte. As well as more figurine photo's and sketches
Well that's it for me, I hope everyone else is doing well for themselves and keep up the awesome art/photo's.
Take care

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Go Go Gadgets

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 30, 2014, 10:44 AM
Howdy dA lovers.
Hope everyone is awesome and staying out of chaos.
I've decided to only do one Journal a month.
So I'll inform you as much of my mischief.

April was relaxing, that involves relaxing in the Coast,
cosplaying and catching up with a few mates at the con.
I need to go on holidays more ^^

Thanks to Easter holiday work, 
I over did myself with a spending spree. 
In result, I've finally got myself my very first laptop
and a artist tablet so I can learn how to do digital art.
Hopefully a few if my friends with teach me, I can't wait.

Other than that, I've already planning ahead for the next 
Con in June so hopefully it will run smoothly, but it's gonna be
packed since the one and only Marvels Stan Lee is coming down.

So that's it for now, May will be relaxing for me and
I'm tempted to see how I go with digital art, so until 
then I wish youse well. And if you ask yes I will cosplay
Pip Bernadotte more in the future.
Image by D4RKPR1NCE-86See ya

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Alucard on holiday

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 1, 2014, 8:10 AM

Hello my lovely dA watchers and friends

i just like to make a quick journal that from Sunday 30th 

till Tuesday 8th I'll be on holiday and gone to another convention.

So for those who fav, watch, comment, llama and note me.

I'll try to reply when I can, I'm already having an epic time :)

Which I will post photos when I have time after I come back.

So take care everyone and stay out of mischief :PImage by D4RKPR1NCE-86

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Future Convention Plan

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 17, 2014, 9:27 AM
Hey everyone :D

Just thought to do another sexy journal 
of what's coming my way and for other
Aussie cosplayers.

I've already planning to go to 
Supanova Gold Coast in April, they already 
posted a few cast actor such as Mini-Me 
from Austin Powers and for anime wise the
Original English voice actor of Ash Ketchum 
from Pokemon. So far so good.
Haven't decided who I'll cosplay yet but hopefully
a commission I ask my good friend to do will 
be done by then.

And as usually I'll be going to Supanova Sydney in June.
Hoping to get a small hellsing group together and 
Meet Yuri Lowenthal the English voice of Pip from Hellsing
And Sasuke from Naruto.
Image by D4RKPR1NCE-86

So that's it so far, there should be more actors that will be
listed within time and here's the link to see what actors Australia is lucky to get.

Take care and stay out of mischief :P

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With love Nathan-card from down under
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Image by D4RKPR1NCE-86
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Hey everyone
I was suppose to do another journal after my last con one month ago.

But I was too busy with work, relaxing and meet up with old and new friends.

Sooner or later I'll start posting a few of my artworks, cosplay photo's and 
A new album of that will contain animals from the Melbourne Zoo and Aquarium. 

I've been focusing more on my photography skill and hopefully
my next upcoming pics will be astonishing :D


Journal entry: Blah

Just came back from a 7 day vacation from Melbourne with my beloved :iconmyprophecy: for our 2 year anniversary. We had a wonderful time that Melbourne had a lot to offer and hopefully will be going down there again next year.

As for cons there's only one more left for me this year, of course I'll be cosplay Alucard for one day but not sure who I'll be cosplaying the other 2 days.
See what happenings :D
Hope youse all have a Merry Christmas and a HELLsing of a new year.

Sincerely Nathan
Hey Anime / Cosplay fans !!!

Since I have some time off at the moment after going to so many supanova con's.
I'll try starting to post more pics from time to time.

But other than that everything else has been pretty epic, I've finally did a couple of new cosplay's at Gold Coast Nova and slowly getting things ready for sydnova in june.

And now I am working on making Seras Victoria ( Hellsing ) Harkonnen which be a b#tch to make but I'm sure I can do it

So until then keep cosplaying and enjoy the week
Hey Anime / Cosplay fans !!!

Sorry I haven't post anything for a while, I've been pretty busy with work and such.
Got my bags pack and ready to go on holiday to melbourne Armageddon and Brisnova for two weeks.

Will be taking a lot of cosplay pics and getting things signed by voice actors, example RoosterTeeth, when I get there.

Hopefully when I come back to relax I'll post more drawings and create a Cosplay Album for my pics of this year, full of Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, D-grey man and many more pics.

So until then hope everyone else is having a good time and have fun !!!